How can I help? With my knowledge of vessels and my down-to-earth Frisian view, I can uncover the problems with motor yachts to be purchased next to none. On this page you will find an overview of the services I offer.


During a quick scan, I critically look at the condition of the vessel to be purchased in terms of key points and I assess whether it is indeed the dream yacht you have in mind. A test run is possible. After the quick scan you will receive a brief report.

Extensive purchase or sales inspection

The ship is viewed from "top (light) to keel" and I carry out an extensive technical inspection. I will check the navigation equipment, the various power circuits and test the condition of the batteries.

During a trial run, the engine and the propulsion will be checked. The vessel also has to be ashore for about an hour, so that I can assess the condition of the hull with a so-called surface thickness measurement or perform a moisture measurement of the laminate. I will also check the standpipes, the propeller, the propeller shaft bearings and the rudder.

You will receive an extensive report with many pictures and information of the condition of your dream Yacht, within two days.

Surface thickness measurement

For a surface thickness measurement, the yacht must of course be on shore or in a crane. I will measure with a plate thickness gauge at critical places how much is left of the original thickness of the surface. The standpipes will also be checked.

Osmosis measurement

The moisture percentage of the laminate will be determined with a moisture meter. If the percentage is too high, I can, if desired, draw up an action plan and give professional advice to find a solution.

Partial technical inspection

I can assess each part of your yacht separately, of course based on your wishes.

For example the drive system including the engine.

  • Electrics in the engine room
  • Batteries
  • Battery charger and inverter
  • Shore power and / or generator
  • Onboard electrical system
  • Navigation equipment
  • Gas installation
  • Gas inspection
  • Drinking water system
  • Waste water system
  • Carry out a sea trial

Construction supervision

A lot is involved with the new construction or refit of a yacht. If you cannot find a solution I can advise you. In close consultation, I can supervise the construction and ensure the procedure of the construction is according to the desired specification.

Gas inspection

No boat owner wants an unsafe gas installation. It is therefore important to have it checked regularly by an expert.

I will check the installation and see if it is not leaking anywhere; the so-called extortion. I will also check if the gas pressure regulator and gas hose are already due for replacement.

After my inspection, possibly with a HISWA certificate, you can safely enter the water and have a safe journey.


No vessel is the same and the number of options for inspection or advice are endless. Please contact me for a personal offer.