You have found the motor yacht of your dreams and signed a preliminary purchase contract, provided everything is technically in order therefore I will come by for an extensive technical inspection.

This inspection takes approximately 6 hours. If you want, you can attend it. I will make an appointment with the selling party and the yacht will be ready to start with full batteries and a filled water tank and ready to go.

In the yacht

First I will turn on the refrigerator and the stove. Then the interior is inspected from front to back. I will check all the cabinets and see if the cupboards close properly. Lamps, valves, water taps, the toilet, the kitchen, nothing escapes to my attention. When the refrigerator and stove are at the right temperature, I will check if they work properly.

Then the engine room will receive attention. I assess the overall condition of the engine, the vibration dampers and I will look at the fluid levels, the driveshaft, the propeller shaft seal and the steering. Then it is the turn of the batteries, I assess whether if they charge properly over the engine and shore power.

When I have a good idea of ​​the technique below deck I will continue with the helm position. What’s on it? And more importantly: Does it all work?

The exterior of the ship

Then the exterior of the ship. I will check all technical parts, the condition of the paintwork and if the lighting works properly.

The trial run

Only when in use you will notice if a yacht is running smoothly. During the trial run, I will look at how the engine is running and how the powertrain and steering function. I also assess the navigation equipment.

After the trial run, we will lift the yacht ashore to be able to properly assess the part that is under water. Think of the paintwork on the hull. I can also check again if the bearings, the propeller shaft and the steering are working properly. If available I will of course check the bow and stern thruster.

Then the inspection is done and I will discuss my findings with you and the seller. In case of defects, I will give advice for repair.

You will receive my inspection report within two working days. I will explain my judgment with pictures and extensive information.

This way you can be sure that during your first boating season with your new yacht you can fully enjoy it without unpleasant surprises.