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Carry out a purchase inspection and get certainty about the condition of your dream Yacht.

You have found your dream yacht.
What is your next step?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have years of smooth, untroubled boating ahead of you? I offer a purchase inspection that will not only prevent unexpected setbacks, such as constly repairs, but will also give you peace of mind before your purchase.

With over 30 years of experience in aquatics, I have profound knowledge of the possible pitfalls when purchasing a yacht and will use my unique set of skills to your advantage and carry out extensive technical checks to the yacht and prepare a detailed inspection report to make sure that the purchase of your dream yacht doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

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EMCI certified

3SEN Yacht Expertise is EMCI certified. EMCI Register is THE worldwide quality mark for active & excellent educated trained professional maritime practitioners.


Purchase inspection of a vessel

Purchase inspection

There is a lot to consider when inspecting a vessel. During the inspection I will explain how it works, step by step. How can I be of assistance?